Pensions for horses

Several kinds of benefits are available ranging from the pure pension in the meadow without access to the facilities until the box/paddock with a pension group lessons per week.

Pension in meadows

les chevaux au paddock - foin à volonté - pension pré

We have 8 hectares divided between meadows and paddocks. The horses will be placed by affinity in the meadows.


Boxes  and paddock

pension boxe - les écuries aux centre de tourisme équestre Les crins de la Martinière

The stable includes 9 boxes and a saddlery. Your horses will be released as individual paddock daily (7 days a week) - hay at will, 2 meals / days. I propose a power of flattened barley dosed depending on the needs of your horse but you can opt for the food of your choice.


Horse work

Work your horse by the loin or on the flat. Program to be defined with you. Price in addition to the pension.

Hiker's passage

Randonnée à cheval-Touraine-accueil randonneur

Friends horseback riders, we will be very happy to welcome you for a stage at Les crins de la Martinière.
We can welcome you in our stopover lodgings l'écrin de la Martinière 1 and 2​