Courses and workshops


A state certified instructor intervenes to support and encourage you in your riding practice, from initiation to improvement, with the emphasis on leisure riding. Dressage and show jumping are not forgotten but always with respect for the animal and confidence in the rider.
In general, there is an alternation of the three disciplines: Outdoor, flat, obstacles.

The class size is a maximum of 8 riders, which guarantees personalized advice and optimal learning.


Internships are organized during school holidays. Dressage, show jumping, equifun (fun pony or horse course), discovery of horseball, initiation to aerobatics, preparation for the passage of federal gallops. We also offer TREC courses on our PTV course.

Walks in hand

Here we take the time to welcome young children, from three years old, who want to discover the pony. In about an hour, you are offered a pony approach. Your child will befriend his pony by flicking and brushing him. If he feels confident, he will be helped to saddle the pony to ride it. The goal is for your child to learn a few concepts to approach a pony safely and to familiarize himself with a few terms such as 'forelock', 'curry combs' etc ... The icing on the cake, a little pony ride around the property to leave with memories in your head.


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